A change in circumstances such as divorce or a property purchase for cohabitees can put family wealth at risk.  We provide expert advice to helps clients achieve financial security and protect assets on divorce and separation.

Many couples decide to set out their future intentions in relation to their financial affairs either when purchasing a home together or before marriage which can avoid potential future disputes in the event the relationship breakdowns and we provide tailored advice to help clients achieve a fair agreement. 

If you intend to live together without wishing to marry, it is important to have a clear and formal agreement to set out both parties’ interests and intentions to safeguard your assets.  You can have a cohabitation agreement prepared, also known as a “living together” agreement.  It is also possible to have a declaration of trust to reflect each party’s intention and contribution to the purchase of a property.

We also provide advice to married couples who circumstances change where they wish to define their agreements, perhaps in relation to inherited assets or to protect pre-acquired assets, and for unmarried couples wishing to reach a financial agreement on separation.

Experience Highlights

  • Preparing and advising on pre-nuptial agreements to protect inherited wealth, pre-marital assets, and property portfolio.
  • Preparing post-nuptial agreement to protect shares in company with value of £25M.
  • Advice relating to a post-nuptial agreement for an entrepreneur with wealth in excess of £200M.
  • Negotiating Separation Agreement involving sale of farm and land.


  • Pre and post nuptial agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Cohabitation (living together) agreements
  • Wealth protection advice on divorce and separation
  • Property disputes 

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