Disputes involving children can be emotional and sensitive. When parents separate it can be difficult to make decisions and agree the time children spend with each parent.  We provide pragmatic legal advice and guidance to help parents make informed decisions regarding child arrangements to adapt to their change circumstances.

The Government and the Courts strongly encourage parents to agree child arrangements between themselves where possible, and mediation can be an effective way of trying to reach an agreement. It is better for children if their parents can reach their own agreements rather than needing the Court to decide, which can be stressful, costly and time consuming.

Before either parent can issue Court proceedings in relation to children they are required to first be assessed for mediation, known as a MIAM (Mediation Information Assessment Meeting).  There is a government funded voucher scheme in place to assist parents with mediation which covers up to £500 of mediation costs and this is due to remain in place until September 2024, with the possibility this may be extended.

For many reasons, it is not always possible for separated parents to decide what the arrangements should be for their children. If communications break down, or arrangements cannot be agreed it is important to take specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity to try and avoid conflict and resolve the issues as swiftly as possible.

There are many diverse families and the advice we provide, based on our extensive experience, will be specific to your family arrangements, with the child’s best interests being paramount, and to achieve the best outcome for your individual circumstances.

Experience Highlights

  • Representing father on emergency application against mother for wrongful retention of their child in America and successfully obtained a High Court Order for child’s return.  Successfully opposed application by mother (who had moved to Scotland) that the child’s habitual residence had changed.  Case also involved expert psychological assessments on the issue of mother’s parental alienation.
  • Representing father and successfully opposing mother’s application for leave to remove child to Singapore.  High Court proceedings to determine child’s habitual residence and successfully obtained passport order.  Case involved liaising with cross-border authorities, passport, and home office.
  • Representing father and successfully opposing allegations of domestic abuse following five-day fact find hearing. 
  • Representing father in complex children case involving mother’s application for relocation, psychological assessments, committal proceedings, injunctions and claim for housing provision for child.


  • Child arrangements (negotiated or within Court proceedings)
  • Advice alongside mediation
  • Enforcement of Court Orders
  • Emergency and Protective Orders
  • Relocation (internal; within the UK and external; outside of the UK)
  • Specific issues, such as schools or health

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