The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most stressful and challenging situations a person can experience, especially as there is often a range of personal and financial issues to resolve. 

We offer expert advice and guidance to recommend a path that helps you take control of the situation.  Whatever your reason for coming to us, the first step is to listen to understand your circumstances and your desired outcome.  Using our knowledge and expertise, we provide bespoke advice to give you a range of options that suit your circumstances, with detailed information of the process, likely outcomes, timescales, and costs.

The recommendations made are always specific to you, so whether you’re dealing with issues relating to finances, property, or children we help to come up with a plan that works for you.

The process of becoming legally divorced is, in most cases relatively straightforward.  It is usually the issues relating to division of assets, future financial support, arrangements for the children or other related issues that can be difficult, stressful and time consuming.

The law in relation to divorce changed in April 2022 to introduce “no fault” divorce.  This has been a welcome change to enable couples to divorce with less animosity.  The process now enables parties to issue a joint divorce application if they wish, and the process can be more collaborative enabling parties to focus on other issues arising from their separation. 

The legal process of divorce involves issuing a sole or joint divorce application through an on-line portal with the Court.  The divorce application is dealt with separately to matters in relation to finances or the children.  Parties are required to wait a mandatory 20-week period during the divorce process before a Conditional Order is made to allow sufficient time to reflect on the divorce.  During this time, parties can try to reach an agreement on other aspects of their separation such as arrangements for the children and a financial agreement.   

The Court cannot make a binding financial order until after the Conditional Order has been made but we work with clients to enable them to agree matters as swiftly and amicably and possible during this waiting period.  To finalise the divorce, there is a further period of six weeks to wait before a Final Order is made which legally ends the marriage. 

It is important to remember that legally ending the marriage does not automatically dismiss both parties’ financial claims which can continue beyond a Final Order unless a financial order is made within the divorce dealing with the dismissal of future claims.  It is important to take expert legal advice regarding your financial affairs where there is a divorce application.

We provide dedicated specialist expertise to support clients navigate complicated and complex situations.  We have worked with clients in Hull, East Yorkshire and nationally over many years from a variety of backgrounds and professions, and have a breadth of experience to provide sensitive and practical advice, helping clients to make informed decisions in confidence.


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