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Claire has more than 20 years’ experience as a Family Lawyer in Hull and East Yorkshire.  She is a trusted adviser supporting clients to navigate the legal issues which arise on separation and divorce, with particular expertise in financial settlements and wealth protection.

Claire was a wonderful family lawyer and I’m not sure how I would have got through my divorce without her. From the very start, she focused on what really mattered to me. She was able to both keep a close eye on the finer detail and also held a bigger-picture view on what would be best for me overall in the divorce process. She was always careful to advise me where I could save money on solicitor’s fees and I had the sense that she genuinely cared that I didn’t waste money where it wasn’t necessary. 

Mrs M

Claire came highly recommended and lived up to her reputation, providing me with the support and professionalism I needed during a very difficult period.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.  Her calm, efficient approach was invaluable during a process where emotions can be overwhelming.

Mr E

Claire took over a particularly sensitive claim and made a significant impact on the matter and things soon started to progress.  Guiding us through some difficult negotiations I found her to be understanding, supportive and professional at all times explaining technicalities in a way that was easy to understand. 

Mr C

Claire has been brilliant from the first day in her office when I was in a haze, through to negotiations and court proceedings. She never let me get dragged into arguments, she focused on what was important which saved me time, money, and my own sanity. Claire will also speak up if she thinks you need to focus or reassess. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ms C

I was recommended to Claire by a partner in a professional practice and she exceeded her recommendation.  Claire always made me take a moment to consider my decisions to make sure I made the right choice that was best for me. It was like having someone holding your hand throughout a time when you need reassurance the most. 

Mrs P

I highly recommend Claire as an exceptional family lawyer. Having collaborated with her for many years, it’s clear she has profound compassion and dedication to individuals navigating major life changes. Working for a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, I trust Claire implicitly and have no hesitation in referring clients to her. Beyond her professional acumen, Claire's down-to-earth and amiable nature makes her a joy to work with. 

Director of Business Development

Claire was recommended to me by my employer.  There were complicated finances and she was empathetic yet also very efficient in communications and actions. Claire used the best people when needed from mediators, accountants and valuers.  When the case went to Court I came away with a settlement I had not thought possible.

Mrs B

Claire ensures that that the initial advice assists in establishing reasonable expectations. She is honest with clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their case – she does so with empathy but does now allow this to cloud her objectivity. The effect of this is that clients feel comfortable with her, can question, safe in the knowledge they will receive honest and objective answers.  She is not a lawyer who just tells clients what they want to hear – rather appreciating that this is not helpful and can be disastrous.

She also understands that an early, balanced, and realistic assessment of the case will help identify the issues early on and permit of efficient time management – thereby preventing an unnecessary escalation of cost.  My experience of working with Claire suggests that she ever mindful of costs and never loses sight of the fact that her client is paying for the process – their money should be spent wisely.

I have spoken to others who have been instructed by Claire.  We are all of the same mind – her instructions are some of the best we receive - clear, thorough but succinct. 

Family Law Barrister

Claire provided a comprehensive and professional service and was both accessible and approachable, ensuring any issues were speedily resolved.  She also ensured I had a complete and holistic understanding of each step and this instilled reassurance in me from the very outset.  A credit to the profession.

Mr S

I was extremely lucky to have Alicia representing me during my divorce proceedings. She was absolutely professional throughout but more importantly, she genuinely cares about her clients and treats them with compassion and empathy at all times. During an extremely challenging time when its easy to become disillusioned and confused, Alicia has been a massive support. She has the ability to explain the complexities of a case in a sympathetic manner that is easy for the lay person to comprehend. She works with her clients and looks after their interests impeccably whist at the same time doing her best to keep their costs under control. If you have the opportunity to be represented by Alicia, you will be in safe and compassionate hands.

Mr F

I found Claire to be very professional, efficient and the advice provided was excellent.  I felt very comfortable discussing personal matters and Claire was excellent, her communication with the other party was assertive and very professional and despite the challenges of the coronavirus the service and communication was faultless. 

Mrs J

I was incredibly happy and satisfied with the way my case was handled and would highly recommend Claire’s services.  Without her my case would have no doubt been radically different and she helped me to secure a financial future for my family which otherwise would have been impossible.

Mrs M

Claire provided an excellent, first-class service at all times and I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending to anybody who wants a friendly, accurate and efficient service. 

Mr D

I have appreciated your assistance in being able to take this difficult issue forward.  I felt not only your expert advice but your support on an emotional level invaluable in helping me finally make the right decisions.

Mrs L-E

Claire came to me highly recommended locally for an initial consultation regarding divorce and financial settlement. The advice and knowledge she gave me was incredibly helpful. She listened, understood and helped put my mind at ease. These were difficult conversations and things that I maybe 'didn't want to hear' but I took everything she said on board. She is highly knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would recommend Claire to anyone going through/seeking advice on a divorce. Thank you.

Mrs C


My passion is to provide clear and concise advice on the legal issues which can arise on separation and divorce.  I always strive to provide exceptional service, and I’m committed to ensuring clients are empowered to be able to make informed decisions with confidence about the life changes that take place on separation, during what can be an anxious and uncertain time.  I work with individuals to provide tailored advice and support and believe it’s important to listen and understand each client’s individual needs to help them achieve peace of mind and financial security for them and their family.


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